Pleb Mining Axe

Pleb Mining Axe

A 3d printed 'case' for the ronin dojo bitcoin node.


A 3d printed 'case' for the Ronin Dojo bitcoin node, this design was an entry to pleb miner month competition.


The print consists of 5 parts, each of which can be printed on a typical FDM printer (see screenshots).

  • Use a low infill 5-10% (except for the Mount component, use 50%)
  • Use a large nozzle (0.6mm with Arachne perimeter setting)
  • Use  2 top and bottom layers (to minimize build time)


Start by fixing the brass inserts into the four holes in the front pick.

Next screwed the mount component to a wall through the 5mm diameter chamfered holes. Orientate the top mounting face horizontal using a spirit level.. Warning - The holes do not align vertically.

Position the mount (blue) with a horizontal top face.

Place the lower handle into the mount, it should seat flush with the top face. Place the upper handle within the lower handle bore. To ensure a tight fit you can wrap the hidden interference with layers of masking tape. Next press the front and rear picks together, this should be a tight fit. Finally press the pick assembly onto the upper handle.

Assembly sequence

Run the routing cables through the pick.

Cable Routing

The idea is to route the cables through the hollow core of the pick. The Bokuto can be orientated with the Ethernet  & Power supply supply neatly routed as shown.

Cable Routing


The files are available for download under  

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons (4.0 International License) Attribution-ShareAlike. This permits everything provided attribution is made.


This is a large build, approx 20 hours.

ComponentPrint Time
Handle Lower2h51m
Handler Upper5h42m
Rear Pick2h20m
Front Pick 6h13m
Mount 3h07m

Completed Print

Assembled printed mining axe. It is a beast.