Weighted Die

Weighted Die

An experiment with weighted die.

As discussed in previous posts, a weighted die is no barrier to a secure bitcoin seed provided sufficient throws are made.

To demonstrate how difficult it is to spot a very weighted die I made an 18mm die which has a center of mass 1.7mm lower than the center of volume.

After a small number of throws it appears that the method of throwing has a big impact on how the result. Time dependent I will try and do some longer tests and perform an analysis on the result.

Shallow throw across a table:

Roll in hand and drop onto table:

The files are online so you can print your own.

V1 is a sharp edged die (casino style)

V3 is chamfered

Future iterations could use captured nuts / coins to further skew the center of mass away from the center of volume.

GitHub - orangesurf/weighted-die: An FDM weighted die
An FDM weighted die. Contribute to orangesurf/weighted-die development by creating an account on GitHub.