Seed Signer Case

Seed Signer Case

A redesign of the enclosure for the seed signer DIY bitcoin hardware wallet.

Many existing designs use SLA buttons which are very effective. Unfortunately SLA printers are far less common than FDM printers limiting the accessibility of these designs for DIY makers. For this reason many users opt for no buttons, this makes the user experience of interacting with the device challenging.

This case uses buttons which can be printed on an FDM printer, the case is assembled without screws and allows access to both the SD card and the power port on the board.

Oversized buttons make for easy pressing
All parts can be FDM printed (including the buttons)
SD Card can be accessed when fully assembled (easy to update)
Buttons are captured (they won't fall out) and are snap-fit into location
Buttons hinge about a rib on the outer edge. This ensures the switch is always pressed, no matter where you press on the button.
The case is design for a ZeroCam camera
If you are using a different camera you may need to modify the design. See the GitHub repository for more details.

You can download the stl & step files for free by clicking the button above.
If you find the design useful please consider making a donation at (click the button below). Donations help cover the cost of fillament, coffe and servers.

orangesurf-seedsigner-case/ZeroCam-Measurements.pdf at main · orangesurf/orangesurf-seedsigner-case
Case for the seed signer DIY bitcoin hardware wallet. - orangesurf-seedsigner-case/ZeroCam-Measurements.pdf at main · orangesurf/orangesurf-seedsigner-case
Link to Github Repository